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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Have you ever seen the rain?

The weather was a bit cloudy when we left for the afternoon.From far we can see dark cloud toward the direction of the lake.But we keep going,hoping that it wouldn't be too bad for fishing.

We tried to check the river nearby,but the rain was getting heavier so we made a U-turn and went straight to the lake.The rain was a bit heavy but still we grab our stuff and start casting.It got heavier until at one point I ran back to the car to take cover and light up my cigarette.

After a while,the rain stop and the sun showing up again.But the sun didn't come alone,it brought with him a fisherman with a couple a nets! This guy starts setting up his nets around the lake.No wonder there were less and less Adong and Toman in this lake...we were not alone..and our competitor is equipped with better weapon and doesn't leave any prisoners behind...of course, you don't expect him to catch and release.

But we just keep casting...there is still hope..
Only one strike received at the main lake.Didn't know what fish it was,the rain was too heavy to see that far,but the way it stroked,it could have been an Adong.This area has about five or six lakes.The biggest lake has the most and the biggest fish.But the lowest level lake gave the most catch,maybe there are not much room for them so they are more concentrated and notice the lures easier.

We started at the main lake as usual,and then to the second biggest lake.It was until the lowest lake that I get a strike and landed the most co-operative fresh water fish,the Snake head fish.It's not really a great fighter compare to its cousin,Toman (the Giant Snake head),but sometime,it's enough to make your day.

Took some pictures with it before I let it go and let ourselves to go home to call it the day.
Since the last trip here I didn't take any picture of the surrounding,so today,I make sure I take enough pictures to share with the world.

The mist over the limestone hills.

The mining road leads until the water.

The calm before the storm.
The limestone hill foot touches the water.

The higher level and the second biggest lake.

The rocky bank.

The cave at the end of the road was a gold mine.

This is when I have to take cover from the rain.

The ever friendly and co-operative Snake head fish.

Better background for the picture.


  1. Thanks for your visit to Pasadena Daily Photo today! What a pleasure it is to see this misty landscape. We don't get much rain around here, our climate is dry, our greens are not so deep. And not so many fish!

    1. Actually,we don't have so many fish left..overfishing.And one of the objectives of this blog is to promote Catch and Release fishing.Thank for your visit too!

  2. I have problems downloading your blog for some unknown reason. This is the first time in days that I have succeeded. Love the pictures, a beautiful area. Enjoy your day Diane

  3. Hello.
    Nice stuff in this blog.Beautiful landscapes and nature in your country.Would love to hear more about different fishes you catch,especcially about those Snakeheads,have heard they are very aggressive fishes.Are they good fighters at the other end of your line.

    Tight lines and greetings from Finland -Djuza-

    1. Cheers mate..
      We have many kind of fishes here,just the get smaller in size and less in number.This due to overfishing and there is no rule on fishing here.
      Giant snake head is the best fighter in the family,and they are the biggest,up to two meters long and 15kg in weight.
      Read more about this fish in these post;
      - http://kakinginti.rumahpanjai.com/2010/12/after-long-dry-spell.html




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