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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In the quest for a new fishing heaven...

Weather is not really friendly for fishing lately..it's almost impossible to go out fishing to the sea.Couple of days ago,we were almost crash to the rock by an island by two big freak waves.And made things worse,the engine died on us,and took us quite sometime to start it in a panic situation. This afternoon,we went out driving out of the town to try a new river that according to a source,is a territory for the jungle perch.The rain was a bit heavy on our way to the area.But there was hope since the sky toward the area was clear. We get there with a fairly nice weather for fishing,not sunny,slightly cloudy,but not pouring.After calling the source for a detail direction,we park our car by the road side and walk down along the river bank from a bridge. The water was slightly murky...but it didn't stop us from keep going and casting. Not so far down,2 strikes were received,one from Runtu (snake head fish) and another one was probably Adong,the jungle perch. A loud sound from a bird,a kind of a hornbill, followed us from the bridge down the river.It was a big lonely black bird,sounds like it was telling us something,but we didn't understand or just ignorance. Along the way down the river,we found a durian fruit with no durian tree around the area..weird! And then a close encounter with a king cobra that just changed its scale.You still can see the old scale left on the ground. And then a water snake swimming across the river.Strange signs that as seem as telling you to go back. And the final one,a sudden down pour of heavy rain.So we rushed back to the car,drive back home and called it the day. And the rain continued all the way till we get home,with heavy vehicles on the road made the journey back felt so long... Another bad day fishing...


  1. Replies
    1. Yes,it was..thanks God nothing bad happen.

  2. I feel your pain. We have had a lot of really bad weather also.

    1. It's a worldwide thing...the world is getting sick of us I guess.

  3. Sorry that you had problems but I love this picture of the hornbill. Diane

    1. It's okay,it's just part of the game :)...thank you Madam..



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